VGOD - Original Series - 50ml Short Fill - E-Liquid


VGOD vape eliquid is blended in California from the finest ingredients to offer the tastiest and enhanced vaping experience possible! VGOD master mixologists only acquire the most exceptionally pure, high-quality extracts and nicotine to avoid all unnecessary additives. This way VGOD can guarantee absolutely flawless premium quality e-juice. To optimize performance and satisfaction, VGOD mixologists strive for well balanced ejuice blends by embracing a tiered arrangement of flavorings for added depth while complementing flavors with just the right amount of sweetness for more dynamic flavors. VGOD aims to deliver the perfect throat hit by limiting too much harshness on the inhale and exhaling notes. VGOD ejuice is made with a 70/30 VG/PG ratio that always delivers ultimate flavor and enormous clouds. It is always VGOD’s endeavour to offer the choicest of e-juice at affordable pricing because honestly, it’s always about quality, living a smoke-free life and having a great time.


  • Lush Ice: VGOD's signature watermelon candy flavour infused with a fresh breeze of menthol. Upon exhale a mixture of melon flavours infiltrate your taste buds that provide a smooth, cool and fruity all-day vaping experience!
  • Luscious: A delicious burst of fresh watermelon on the inhale with sweet undertones of mixed melons on the exhale. Bursting with a fruity flavour, Luscious is an amazing all-day-vape experience!
  • Sour Licious: A smooth yet tart wave of sour watermelon candy on the inhale with blended undertones of mixed melons upon a sugary exhale. SourLicious hits the perfect balance of sour yet sweet and fruity for a satisfying all-day vape.
  • Cubano Silver: Under the buttery bright vanilla summer moon on the creamy coast of Santa Maria del Mar, you’re watching the warm waves roll in. With sweet sounds of rumba in the distance, you reach for your mod to relish in the rarity of a truly classic full flavoured Cuban cigar infused with a warm top note of buttery vanilla custard, rounded off with a hint of spice, sweet caramelized brown sugar and honey for the finish. In a flash, you take another deep pull and instantly you’re ready for whatever the night brings. Cubano Silver, you chillin’ yet?
  • Cubano Black: A crafted speciality and has been aged to perfection. It is handcrafted in limited quantities and pre-steeped for months to coalesce to perfection. BOLD is the word you will envision when the robust Cuban cigar flavour hits your palate commingling perfectly with hints of rich creamy custard. The only thing that you will be thinking of as you exhale this smooth, well-balanced flavour, is the anticipation of your next draw of Cubano Black by VGOD.
  • Cubano: A full flavour Cuban cigar topped off with a drizzle of soft creamy vanilla undertones. Richly robust Cuban tobacco with such a smooth finish, the Cubano is an instant classic that you will want on hand all throughout your day.

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