Flawless - Terror Balls

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Something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call?! Tantalize your taste buds with Terror Balls! Sweet orange slices bursting in your mouth, blended with a touch our sour tangerines! Outrageously orange and tangy, this classic push pop will keep you vaping all day!  Tangy Sour Orange Tangerine Eliquid.

Terror Balls Eliquid by Slime Balls is a premium American Made E juice made with only the finest U.S.P. Grade Ingredients. Terror Balls Eliquid by Slime Balls is a Tangy Orange Flavored E liquid that is sure to satisfy your cravings and boost your taste buds into vaping heaven. Flawless Vape Shop supplies large bottles to keep you supplied with all your finest and favorite e juices.