Tasty CBD - CBD E-liquid - Short Fill - 1000mg


Tasty CBD is a range of fruity e-liquid flavours enriched with natural Cannabidiol Isolate, this line of e-liquids are delicious and pleasant to vape while the CBD concentration works wonders on a variety of conditions, these come in a variety of flavours and are packed in 120ml bottles with room for extra CBD additive shots if you wish a higher strength! Available as a 60/40 blend.


  • Blazing Berries – A delicious blend of blackberry, raspberry, cranberry and blueberry flavours
  • Bubblegumz  A fruity bubblegum candy flavour
  • Chilling Cherry  Features a bold cherry taste blended with cool menthol and CBD
  • Mary Jane Green – A classic take on a flavour that needs no description!
  • OG Kush – Features a herbal flavour with natural plant notes and sweet highlights
  • OG Lemon Buzz  Another herbal flavour with citrusy notes creating a zingy CBD-infused E-Liquid
  • Yummie Raspberry  A good ol' sweet raspberry flavour
  • Tooty Frooty – A delicious taste of mixed seasonal and tropical fruits
  • Blackcurrant Lemonade –  Ripe blackcurrants and fizzy lemonade
  • Strawberry Whiz – Mouthwatering juicy strawberries
  • Mango Blitz – A delicious blend of tropical mango and CBD extract
  • High-Zen-Berg – One of the most recognisable flavours in the vaping world, now expertly blended with CBD!

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