Puff Labs - Circus E-Liquid Short Fill - 100ml


Puff Labs is manufactured in the USA as 100ml 80/20 blend shortfills, featuring a variety of delicious sugary and bakery-style flavours!


  • Circus Cookie: Get your favourite sweet treats right from the Big Top! Circus Cookie from Puff Labs features crisp and crunchy animal-shaped sugar cookies, coated in super sweet pink and white icing, then double dipped in fruity sprinkles. Get your snacks and settle in for a night of wonder and amazement!


  • Circus Cooler: You find yourself in the exotic back alleys of the circus; contortionists, fire-eaters and sword-swallowers abound. You spot a small stand selling wares from Asia and beyond. Out of the corner of your eye on the stand, you see a collection of small, intricate-looking glass bottles, filled with clear bubbling liquid, and all sealed up with a small glass marble.

    Intrigued, you question the merchant, but instead of answering he opens one bottle and thrusts it at you, motioning to drink from it. You oblige, warily, and immediately are overcome by the fizzing sensation and astounding flavours of fresh fruits, sweetness and something a little different.

    This is Ramune soda inspired e-liquid Circus Cooler; a deliciously sweet, fruity, and tangy e-liquid taken straight from the saccharine flavours made famous in Japan.


  • Circus Coconut Cake: "Circus cakes! Get yer' circus cakes here!" Head back for another night at the Big Top with a decadent chocolate cake, filled with whipped cream, all topped off with gooey marshmallow cream and coconut shavings for that extra satisfaction!


  • Circus Cotton Candy: Head back to another night at the circus to partake in everyone's childhood favourite sweet treats:- extra fluffy blue raspberry cotton candy, super sweet and moreish!


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