One Hit Wonder - The Man Series - 100ml Short Fill - E-Liquid


Do you want to find an E-Liquid brand you'll return to, time and time again? A vape you'll absolutely love? Born in Los Angeles, California, the One Hit Wonder E-Liquid will make you fall in love with its unique line of flavours. The One Hit Wonder is a luxurious vape made with the finest TruNic, a 100% USA grown and extracted liquid nicotine.

As soon as you taste the One Hit Wonder on your tongue, they will become your next all day vape. It will be one of the smartest purchasing decisions you can make. Don't forget it's even budget-friendly, all without losing the quality of a satisfying premium vape. Available in 100ml short fill bottles as an 80/20 blend.


  • Fire Man: Fireman Freddy is a legend at Fire Station 21. His most heroic tale was forged in a raging warehouse inferno, trapped with his axe or firehose, cradling a kitten, and on the brink of being burned alive. As a last resort, he reached into his pocket, pulled out his trusty vape, and confidently took the deepest inhale of his favourite flavour, Fireman. A tantalizing freshly pressed pink lemonade. Sweet, juicy, a little lemony sour, bursting with flavour. Unfurling a casual billow, he blew out the flames like a birthday cake. His secret? Only fight fire with fire.
  • Muffin Man: With a flavour profile that accurately captures the notes of slightly nutty flour, cinnamon and cooked apples, Muffin Man by One Hit Wonder is an apple-cinnamon muffin e-liquid that's very deserving of the heaps of praise it's received.
  • Army Man: We aren't certain exactly why an e-liquid maker would call a key lime vape juice "Army Man," but we do know that Army Man by One Hit Wonder is a delicious e-liquid. With notes of buttery pie crust, key lime curd and toasted meringue, this is an e-liquid that gets its flavour profile absolutely right.
  • My Man - Neapolitan: Combining the flavours of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, Neapolitan ice cream is the ideal choice when you can't decide on a single ice cream flavour. My Man by One Hit Wonder delivers a spot-on recreation of Neapolitan ice cream in e-liquid form.
  • Magic Man: Try to understand. Try to understand. Try, try, try -- oh, wait. That's a different Magic Man. Magic Man by One Hit Wonder is a watermelon gummy candy e-liquid that's just about realistic enough to chew!
  • Mini Muffin Man: What's the best part about making mini muffins? You get more muffins out of each batch, of course! Mini Muffin Man by One Hit Wonder is a big batch of strawberry mini muffins, each with its own dollop of strawberry frosting.
  • The Man: It isn't every day that you encounter a real legend in the vaping world -- and The Man by One Hit Wonder is one. The starting point of several e-liquid trends, The Man isn't just another strawberries-and-cream e-liquid -- it's one of the first.
  • Island Man: Although the popular boxed fruit punch drink from your childhood didn't actually have anything to do with the tropics, the maker called it "Hawaiian" instead -- and no one argued. It's time to enjoy your favourite boxed punch in e-liquid form with Island Man by One Hit Wonder.
  • Rocket Man: Get ready to experience the ultimate breakfast e-liquid! Rocket Man by One Hit Wonder is a thick, strained Greek Yoghurt topped with sweet blueberries and a handful of toasty granola.

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