Naked 100 - Original Series - 50ml Short Fill - E-Liquid


Naked 100 E-Liquid is one of today's most influential vape juice manufacturer in the industry, presenting a fruit-based flavour profile with quality sourced ingredients for a sensational vape. It comes in a variety of signature collection, such as Cream, Menthol, Tobacco and Ice. Lovingly crafted in the USA, formulated in a 70/30 blend as a 50ml shortfill bottle.


  • Very Cool: A lively berry fusion with a refreshing cool undertone, comprising of freshly-picked blueberries, tangy blackberries, and juicy raspberries with a hint of menthol for an uplifting finish.
  • Straw Lime: (formerly Berry Belts - Naked 100 Candy) elevates the wildly raved strawberry sour belt concoction, perfectly balanced between the sweet and tarty goodness with a hint of citrus for a breathtaking experience.
  • Hawaiian POG: An exquisite composition, formulates with aromatic passion fruit, juicy orange squeeze, and exotic guava.
  • Lava Flow: A distinct amalgamation of rich strawberry infused with a refreshing swirl of coconut and pineapple inside one exuberant flavour profile.
  • Naked Unicorn: A sensational flavour profile that is truly mythical, blending a basket of fresh fruits with a sumptuous creamy base that creates a sweet, fruity, and refreshing melody.
  • Go Nanas: A spin on a classic fruit and cream flavour profile, delivering slices of fresh bananas in a fluffy pool of cream for a smooth and sumptuous fruity custard unlike any other.
  • Brain Freeze: Intermingles sweet strawberries, slight tartness of Kiwi, and exotic ruby red pomegranates for a mouth-quenching sensation.
  • Berry Lush: A sweet effervescent of refreshing strawberries in a sumptuous base of creamy milk for a truly smooth and fruity cream profile.
  • Polar Breeze: An exhilarating fresh combination of sweet golden Pineapple, cool and mellow Honeydew, and a refreshing kick of Cantaloupe with a cool hint of menthol. Formerly known as Frost Bite.
  • American Patriots: The same flavour experience from a red pack of analogue cigarettes that made the American Cowboy famous.
  • Azul Berries: Consists of freshly picked and succulent blueberries blended with a generous amount of luscious vanilla cream.
  • All Melon: A fusion of refreshing watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew to showcase the ripe, juicy, and tantalizing flavour notes that showcase the finest melon virtues.
  • Amazing Mango: A sensational composition, formulates with juice tropical mango intermix with a luscious Peach infused cream.
  • Triple Strawberry: (formerly Yummy Strawberry / Yummy Gum - Naked 100 Candy) is a thirst-quenching blend of strawberry bubble gum, with a luscious strawberry-infused nicely into the expected bubble gum for a vape unlike any other.
  • Green Blast: A trio of refreshing flavours, a culmination of tarty crisp Granny Smith apple, thirst-quenching honeydew, and rich undertones of zesty kiwi.
  • Green Lemon: (formerly Sour Sweets - Naked 100 Candy) presents a truly stimulating base of refreshing lime infused in soft candy, with a smooth inhale of sweet lime candy and a slight hint of sour on the exhale.
  • Maui Sun: A fiery delivery of citrus flavour profiles, infusing a tropical sensation of pineapples with oranges and tangerines.
  • Really Berry: An exhilarating fusion of sweet blueberries combined with the sophistication of blackberries and fresh hints of lemon sugar drizzle. The culmination of sweet and tartness unlike any other. Formerly known as Very Berry.
  • Lava Flow Ice: An icy rendition of the globally famous infusion of rich strawberries in a refreshing swirl of creamy coconut and aromatic pineapple served on ice for an exuberant profile.
  • Amazing Mango Ice: An icy and refreshing rendition of the original, tastefully formulated to mesh with the delicious base of tropical mango and luscious peach infused cream.
  • Hawaiian POG Ice: An icy rendition of the world-famous infusion of smooth refreshing Oranges, delightful sweet nectar of Passion Fruit, and exotically fruity Guava served on ice. An unbelievable tropical flavour with thrilling cool undertones.

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