Kilo - Moo Series - 100ml Short Fill - E-Liquid


If you're looking for an edgy artisan e-liquid then Kilo is the one to try. Founded in 2014 Kilo has won awards for Best in Show in 2015 and is up there with one of the leading premium E-liquid companies in the world.

If you're longing for well-balanced creamy and fruity flavours, then Kilo is most definitely a must-try e-liquid. Manufactured in the USA using the finest quality ingredients available, formulated as a 70/30 blend in a 100ml shortfill bottle.


  • Coffee Milk: The perfect brew of bold coffee beans topped off with sweet, creamy milk. A culmination of an enticing coffee vape
  • Banana Milk: A flavourful fusion of freshly picked bananas, mixed deeply into a cup of refreshing milk. Inhale the taste of bananas with back notes of creamy milk.
  • Strawberry Milk: All the sweet flavours of fresh strawberries and the rich taste of milk, resulting in a decadent burst of flavour.
  • Vanilla Almond Milk: A blend of both nutty and creamy notes. Enjoy the delectable balance of roasted almonds and fresh milk with this all day vape.

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