Juice 'N' Power - Milkshake Series - 50ml Short Fill - E-Liquid

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The Milkshake Series by Juice n Power is a UK based manufacturer known for bold and vibrant e-liquid blends. This e-juice line includes a quartet of deliciously creamy, fruity and refreshing blends to be made your next all-day vape! Crafted using high-quality ingredients, formulated as a 70/30 blend in a 50ml short fill bottle.


  • Caramel: A rich dessert blend with a creamy twist. The milkshake flavour makes up the body of the eliquid, with a combination of creamy notes that creates real depth; followed by a sweet caramel to finish.
  • Rainbow: A vibrant blend of fruit with cream notes. The rainbow candy flavour is a fusion of sweet-tasting summer fruits, featuring a sugary aftertaste. A layered milkshake on exhale creates a smooth texture for a complex vape.
  • Bubblegum: A candy blend with a smooth finish. A sugary bubblegum flavour creates a light and fruity inhale, swiftly followed by a creamy milkshake for an authentic-tasting vape.
  • Blue Raspberry: A dessert blend featuring a fruity layer. A tangy blue raspberry flavour comes through straight away with sugary notes, complemented by a rich milkshake on exhale for a smooth finish.

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