Fresh Pressed - Cocktail Series - 100ml Short Fill - E-Liquid


Fresh Pressed hail from California, the eliquid capital of the world, known for their layered and unusual pairings of fruit with flavours including cocktail, dessert and tropical fruit blends. Handcrafted in the USA as a 70/30 blend shortfill in a 100ml bottle.


  • Sparkling Starfruit: Sparkling Starfruit eliquid is a fizzy and fruity blend creating a light vape. The pink starfruit flavour has a distinctly sweet taste on inhale with a hint of sour, blended with champagne for a tangy edge, topped off with exotic fruits for a sugary exhale.
  • Pink Parfait: Pink Parfait eliquid by Fresh Pressed features a juicy tasting strawberry flavour on inhale, complemented by sweet notes of thick Bavarian cream on exhale. This popular combo creates a smooth and velvety vape.
  • Malibu Meltdown: Malibu Meltdown eliquid is a tropical blend for a summertime vibe. A sweet and juicy tasting blend of kiwi flavour and watermelon flavour from your first inhale is blended with mixed berries that have a tart undertone for a balance of taste.

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