Drip More - Milk King Series - 100ml Short Fill - E-Liquid


Milk King E-juice by Candy King premium vape juice brand has released succulent milky flavours made with only the finest of high-quality ingredients. Candy King is known for crafting lip-smacking candied e-juice flavours. Whether you desire luxurious rich, decadent desserts, candied flavours, now no matter what it is that you crave, Milk King e-liquid by Candy King has a flavour for you.


  • Strawberry: Blast off with this tantalizing blend of strawberries and milk!
  • Chocolate: A delicious blend of chocolate and milk that will take your taste buds to the moon!
  • Honey: An udderly perfect blend of sweet honey with creamy milk!
  • Cereal: An out of this world cereal infused milk that will throw you for a loop!


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