Double Helix Designs - Ginger Snap Drip Tip

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The long awaited TM24 Tip. It’s called "Ginger Snap" because of Kent, Twisted Messes. A chubby low profile wide bore tip designed with a single o-ring to help with friction on the Twisted Messes 24mm RDA.


Made in the USA from hand poured acrylic. Including colour changing, glow in the dark and stone effect colours.

Black CC: Black when cold but changes to grey/clear when warm

Green CC: Green when cold but changes to lime green when warm

Orange CC: Orange when cold but changes to light orange/clear when warm

Purple CC: Purple when cold but changes to pink when warm

Red CC: Red when cold but changes to pink clear when warm



Note: Each Tip is different, colours, marbling and consistency WILL vary. H10, H12, H13, H15, H16 and H20 are glow in the dark. See the colour charts in picture gallery for the colour codes.

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