Digiflavour - Drop Solo RDA-Vape Cloud UK

Back in 2017, a collaboration between the vaping innovator DigiFlavour and online influencer Brian from The Vaping Chronicles released the now iconic and brilliantly designed Drop RDA; a postless dual coil RDA/RSA that changed the vaping game!

Now, on the back of the Drop’s success they’ve gotten back together to adapt the Drop’s design to appeal to the single-coil vapers market – The Drop Solo!

The Drop Solo is a single coil 22mm version of its big brother; small but mighty! A gorgeous design, kickass flavour and vaper production, and pretty much regarded as one of the best in the industry.

Two large post holes will give you plenty of room for ‘dropping’ in your coils, along with being able to accommodate your fancier and beefier builds. The posts also enable you to trim the excess wire, and with a built-in notch to trap your round wire builds with no trouble at all!

Just like the Drop RDA, it features a stepped airflow design, shrunken down to adapt to the single coils, allowing for a controlled, smooth and whistle-free vape.

A super deep juice well is featured and is a squonker’s and dripper’s dream! Along with centred post placement, you and drip/squonk all day long without fear of leaking onto your mod! Two differing caps are also included; the standard stainless steel cap which gives you more space and an increased airflow, and a frosted plastic cap for those vapers who love a low profile and a hell of a boost in flavour.

We absolute love this flavour monster, and we’re certain you will too!


Main features:

  • 22mm RDA/RSA
  • Stepped airflow design
  • Centred post holes with easy access to trim excess coil legs
  • Super deep juice well
  • Standard 510 pin connection, with a raised BF squonk pin included
  • 24mm beauty to create a seamless effect on larger devices


What’s in the box: 

  • Drop Solo RDA x 1
  • 510 BF squonk pin x 1
  • Standard cap x 1
  • Low profile frosted cap x 1
  • Parts/spares bag x 1