Charlie's Chalk Dust - Mr. Meringue Series - 50ml Short Fill - E-Liquid


This company has mastered the art of making fantastic e-liquids. This company uses top-notch ingredients in manufacturing its e-liquids. Charlie's Chalk Dust E-Liquid has many e-liquids on the market with different flavours. There is something for everyone in their Charlie's Chalk Dust collection. Hand-crafted in the USA with the highest quality ingredients available as a 50ml shortfill bottle in a 70/30 blend.


  • Aunt Meringue: Treating us to her famous dessert. Sliced apples under a layer of creamy meringue baked over a golden fluffy crust
  • Uncle Meringue: Rainbow sherbert meringue pie that is bursting with fruity, sugary, sweet goodness
  • Miss Meringue: Succulent strawberries smothered by sweet and billowing buttery meringue
  • Mr Meringue: The inhale on this is a true fresh lemon essence, and the exhale gives you the flaky pie crust desert taste you crave. Like floating on a lemon fresh fluffy cloud of meringue

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