Billiards - Soda Series - 100ml Short Fill - E-Liquid


Billiards are back with another range of liquids, this time all inspired by popular soda flavours! Enjoy a fizzy drink any time of day without the sugar or calories, all in a 70/30 blend 100ml short fill bottle!


  • Fruit Punch: A medley of mixed fruits with that signature fizzy kick!
  • Irn Bru: A Scottish staple; you need to taste it to believe it!
  • Sting Cherry: A deliciously tangy cherry soda with a very lightly spiced note to it. Amazing!
  • Pink Lemonade: Freshly squeezed lemonade paired with ripened raspberries and a touch of pink grapefruit for that extra bite!
  • Dandelion & Burdock: A British favourite! Inhale the nostalgia.
  • Tropical: A mix of perfectly ripened tropical fruits with that signature fizzy kick!
  • Cream Soda:  Another British classic to tuck into!
  • Berry: A medley of everything berry with that signature fizzy kick!
  • Orange: The citrusy bite of a fresh-squeezed orange with that signature fizzy kick!
  • Energy: You'll never need another coffee after vaping this!
  • Lemonade: A fresh-squeezed lemonade, no more no less.
  • Green Apple: The tart crisp taste of green apples with that signature fizzy kick!
  • Cherry Cola: The traditional cola taste we all know and love, with the added kick of fresh cherries.
  • Vimto: The final classic in the collection, no water needed!

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