Aspire - Cleito 120 RTA Deck


Due to popular demand Aspire has released this Cleito 120 RTA adapter system. The Cleito 120 RTA adapter builds on the success of the smaller Cleito RTA for the Cleito tank. A larger deck size allows for more space to make more complex coil builds. This adapter kit also comes with a single coil build adapter. Whether dual coil or single coil build, the Cleito 120 RTA satisfies all RTA builder’s preferences. Lastly, as with all RTA’s the DIY aspect of the Cleito 120 RTA allows you to tweak coil builds to realize optimized flavor results. If you love your Cleito 120 tank, you will love the additional coil build options this RTA kit provides.

The Cleito 120 RTA enables the same smooth controlled adjustable airflow that the regular Cleito 120 tank provides. Optimized wicking hole design allows high VG E-Liquid an even faster route to the coil system. Cleito 120 RTA breathes without a hitch when you require thick dense vapor production.

Don't fancy dual coils? Not a problem! Just use the single coil adapter provided to get different flavor results and to lower things like mod power consumption and e-liquid consumption.

The Cleito 120 RTA is extremely easy-to-build. Insert either the Cleito 120 RTA pre-built coils, or your own custom build, then tighten the grub screws.

Product features:
- Easy to build
- Dual velocity style post deck
- Instant massive vapor production
- Unrivaled epic flavour
- Smooth controlled adjustable airflow
- Supports single or dual boil builds
Package contents:
1x Cleito RTA deck
2x Pre-installed clapton coils
8x Extra grub screws
1x Allen wrench
5x Extra O-ring sets
1x Baggy of cotton