Asmodus - Oni 167W DNA200 TC Box Mod

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The Oni 167W has the official Evolv DNA 250 chip. The Oni's DNA 250 chip provides Escribe software compatibility that allows you to access any updates and also further modifications of the chip.The Escribe software provides you the ability to customize a lot of things such as screen themes.

The Oni DNA 250 has a unique interchangeable battery type. The 18650 battery frame can be removed and replaced with LIPO battery pack.

The Asmodus Oni has a totally customizable body: the door, body, frame, face plate and buttons.

Product Specifications:

  • T6061 Aluminium body
  • OLED screen
  • Uses a DNA 250 chip to power the device
  • Escribe software: Allows customization of device with things like screen themes
  • Interchangeable battery types: The 2x 18650 sized battery port which is capped at 167 watts can be exchanged with a LIPO battery pack and with the power of Escribe, the device can be pushed to a whooping 200 watts!
  • Temperature control range: 200°F - 600°F
  • Full body customization: Door, main body, frame, face plate, and buttons are interchangeable.
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Temperature protection
  • Preheat function

    NOTE: Due to the sensitive materials of the Gold and Chrome Editions, they are fingerprint and scratch magnets and any aesthetic damages will not be covered under warranty.