Our updated loyalty scheme!

For our eagle-eyed customers, you may have noticed either a small or quite large decrease in your total points for our loyalty scheme. And for those who haven’t quite noticed yet, not to worry! We’re writing this time to fully explain the changes in our scheme and to outline the new benefits that come with it! 


So, what’s new?

With our old system we calculated your points into a percentage off your purchases, e.g. 200 points worked out to 10% off your order, 500 points to 25%, etc. 

With the introduction of our new system, we had to input your existing points into our own algorithm in order to determine your new individual point totals. The result being a reduced number of points overall, but with higher monetary worth as compared to our previous system. So even though your point total may be lower, the value of those points will be greatly increased!

Just as a side note, once your reward has been claimed you have 30 days to redeem the coupon before it expires.


What else can you earn points for?

When you first sign up with our scheme, or when you access your account as an existing customer, you will be prompted to “Complete Your Profile”. Doing this will earn you a complete profile bonus of 125 points towards your next purchase! 

It is also worth noting that every time you access your account to check your rewards and your balance, that you will see the option to complete your profile until it is completed.



You can also earn points for referring your friends to our store! Every time you refer a friend and they make a purchase, you will earn 125 points! Spread the love and reap the profits!


Here’s what points you’ll need to meet our coupon criteria:

125 points - £5 off your order 

225 points - £10 off your order

450 points – £20 off your order

675 points - £30 off your order

900 points - £40 off your order

1125 points - £50 off your order


Finally, something unique for our Apple Wallet users!

For our customers who use Apple Wallet, if you are within the vicinity of our retail store location, you will receive a notification of your coupons. So if you happen to not realise you have coupons waiting, you can be alerted of it so you can drop by and pick up something at a cheap price! Discounts straight to your iPhone or Apple Watch without the hassle!