CBD E-liquid

Vape the best CBD E-Liquids at Vape Cloud UK

Vaping CBD E-Liquids is often the most affordable and convenient option for the majority of ex-smokers, but vaping CBD is actually the most effective way to administer CBD as it is absorbed so rapidly into the lungs and your blood stream. CBD oil must be held under the tongue for 2 minutes to achieve maximum absorption, vaping CBD is absorbed instantly and has the same bioavailability as oil of 45%. 

Full Spectrum CBD

CBD E-liquids are not full spectrum but the instant gratification combined with premium CBD means many choose to vape CBD. Like CBD oil it is important to understand the concentrations and get your dosage right. If there are 2000mg in a 100ml bottle then a 2ml tank will contain 40mg of CBD. If you are using an additive to your existing e-liquid then the concentration will rely on how much additive you add to your tank. 

Do I need a new device to vape CBD?

CBD e-liquids are even thinner than standard 50/50 e-liquids so suited to vape pens or pod devices. These devices are relatively low cost and having a device dedicated to CBD allows much more freedom and versatility. If you wish to add CBD to your existing device then you must use an additive.


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