Beard Vape Co.

Back in early 2014 vaping was taking the world by storm and in one particular vape shop in Venice, California the taste of vaping was about to be changed forever. Brady and Casey Bates along with close friend Colbey Pfund realized they had an uncanny ability to produce high quality e-liquids that people just fell in love with.

Over the span of 8 months the team produced the first 100 flavours these flavours we number 1-100 and setup for tasting in the store. Quickly people started to become more interested in the teams products and after months of work Beard Vape Co was able to narrow down the list to pick the top 3 flavours. The original 3 flavours Beard Vape Co chose were No. 05, No. 32 and No. 88 and since then a number of other flavours have been added to the line up.

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