Where Can I Now Vape?

Although you’d think that the positive benefits of vaping would have removed at least some of the stigma associated with their public use, the rules for vaping in public in public can be very confusing and are largely undefined.

If, like many others, you find the rules of vaping bewildering and confusing, read on with our guide to public vaping rules.

Knowing the Law

Since the smoking ban came into effect in 2007, vaping has become a popular form of tobacco use which is markedly less harmful. Yet many believe that vaping is incorporated into the same public smoking ban as standard cigarettes, and that vaping must also be banned in the same places that smoking is banned.

There is actually very little legislation that prevents vaping in public areas and establishments like pubs, and currently, it is up to the owner/industry to enforce their own rules. As such, pubs, restaurants and cafés vary, and it is wise to ask before reaching for the vape. That being said, large restaurant chains and pubs, such as Wetherspoons – as well as the transport industry – have introduced a blanket ban on vaping.

Smoking when Travelling

Before you reach for your vape when boarding or traveling in the UK (or elsewhere for that matter), think about the rules put in place by local and national transport industries. Vaping is overall forbidden on public transport systems, including buses, trains, and planes, their platforms, waiting rooms and onboard. You can, however, travel with your vapour kits and devices in your hand luggage on most airlines so long as they are not used on board. There has even been talk of banning vaping in taxi cabs in Yorkshire. Instead, users must vape in areas designated for smoking as transport industries tend to incorporate vaping into existing no-smoking policies. As such, vaping whilst driving can lead to a hefty fine in court, despite it technically not being illegal; mainly because the plumes of clouds that vaping can create can also be said to cloud and impair your vision on the road.

Where can I vape, then?

Despite the UK holding a relatively progressive stance on vaping, vaping in public is largely confined to the same permitted areas as smoking. Although some pubs and small businesses may allow you to vape, it is best to err on the side of caution and ask before starting. Despite no evidence of second-hand harm from vaping, the public tends to hold a negative response to public vaping, which is then reflected in the policies that are enforced. When vaping in public we recommend you follow the unwritten rule of being mindful to others, to help generate a positive view of the vaping culture.

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