What Is The True Cost of Vaping?

Everyone's got their own reasons for switching from smoking to vaping. The expense is one big reason. Over recent decades, plenty of smokers shifted from cigarettes to roll-ups to try and save money, which they did. However, even a packet of tobacco is more expensive to buy nowadays. But the health implications are a major reason a majority of smokers made the switch to e-cigarettes, finally having a workable option to help them kick the habit without sucking on a device that can be best described as ugly and clinical-looking, not to mention bulky and fiddly. Then there's the social aspect: vaping doesn't contaminate other people's air supply. In fact, you can find plenty of cheap eliquids which smell quite nice.

Financial costs: you'll save £1000s on cheap eliquid alone

Compared to the average pack of cigarettes, which we'll call a tenner to keep things simple (then make your own calculations from there) the cost of vaping is very little. Twenty cigarettes a day seems about average, so we'll use these figures as a fair basis for comparison, using days and weeks in a year:

1 x 7 x 10 x 52 = £3,640.

With starter kits costing so little, what you'd spend on one week's worth of cigarettes would set you up vaping for a month or more, and that's with the high-end products. Plus, you can buy cheap eliquid in some delicious flavours, with aromas ranging from mellow to tantalisingly fruity. Vape Cloud UK do a great range - remember, it's always cheaper to buy everything in the same place and save on delivery costs.

Vaping is 95% healthier and safer

There are numerous studies into the implications of vaping and smoking. Most results say it's about 95% healthier to inhale vape than cigarette smoke. However, it's worth noting that we're not saying vaping is healthy, it's just safer than a traditional smoke and a lot healthier for those around you, but you probably know this already. Second-hand cig smoke kills people or seriously damages their health.

You're gonna smell & look a lot nicer, lovely!

Even though you might say you don't care, there's probably been times you've felt embarrassed about the way you smell when you've just been out for a fag and returned inside a non-smoking room, like a pub or restaurant, or where you work or at someone's house. You feel like you've contaminated a nice-smelling atmosphere. Mints and aftershave or perfume don't help, but you shrug it off. And then there's the issue of how smoking stains your fingers and teeth...

What's the cost of not vaping? You don't know if you don't try, eh?

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