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What Are The UK’s Vaping Rules?

We all know that we can’t smoke cigarettes in public buildings around the UK and, in some circumstances outside (such as stations), but vaping is a little different so if you’re new to the wonderful world of ecigs, it might be worth checking the rules out so you don’t get in trouble as you vape.

As with smoking, vaping is banned on trains and the majority of station platforms, so make sure you follow these rules when travelling around and about. You will also find that you’re unable to vape on the majority of buses and you could be slapped with a fine if you fail to comply. And you’re also unable to vape on the London Underground, so don’t try this either.

In the workplace, vaping policies come down to the individual company but you’ll probably find that the majority of businesses treat it the same as they do with smoking cigarettes. It’s likely that you won’t be able to vape at your desk, but always read your employee handbook to find out what the official rules are.

Music venues and sports stadiums follow their own rules, as well, so you should always check before you vape or you could get in trouble. Old Trafford, for example, has a strict vaping ban in place, but a smaller club may well let you vape in your seat. Ask a member of staff if you’re unsure.

As for food establishments, vaping isn’t banned in all pubs and cafes, so check with those in charge before you do it. If anything, it’s simply polite to ask if you can vape before you do, even if it is permitted on the premises.

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