Vaping Tips For Beginners

Vaping Tips For Beginners


When just beginning vaping all the information you find on the web may seem confusing and even intimidating and for good reason! There are plenty of online stores and vapor shops looking to take advantage of your lack of knowledge.


There are so many factors to consider when starting off, like what device is best suited for you, what size battery are you buying at what price etc. In this article I will be touching on all of the above as well as giving some tips and tricks I wish I knew when beginning vaping.


1.Buy from a reputable store!


When just starting off I didn't even think about the dangers of buying my Vapor Pen and especially E-Liquid from shady vapor shops close to my house or a not so legit looking website online. I soon discovered the risk when news articles began showing up of people being injured by their Vapor Pens exploding in their mouth destroying their teeth and E-Liquid actually poisoning consumers. I quickly scrapped my Vapor Pen and browsed online for a new one immediately from a trusted manufacturer and never looked back. When it comes to choosing a store to buy from their are a lot of big companies that are very reliable and trustworthy. Vape Cloud UK is one of the UK's leading distributors of Vapor products, we have fantastic reviews and have an extremely positive relationship with our customers and provide A+ quality Vapor products. But enough about us.


2.Clean Your Vapor Pen Often!


Cleaning out your Vapor E-Liquid tank regularly can save your Vapor Pen months of use. If you do not clean and empty your Vapor Pen regularly it wont be long before you start to notice your pen leaking juice and a bad taste because of old juice building up. So, cleaning your pen is simple, just dissemble the Vapor Pen as much as possible, dispose of any excess E-Liquid remaining, then rinse out your vapor tank and your mouthpiece in hot water. I recommend doing this each time your atomiser needs changing to get the most out of your pen.


3.Save Tons of Time By Buying an Extra E-Juice Tank


When first starting off I spent way too much time cleaning out my tank every time I wanted to switch my flavours of E-Liquid. All along there was such an simple solution to my pain right in front of my eyes all along. Just pick up an extra E-Liquid Tank for every flavour I use, instead of having to repeatably clean the tank every time I wanted to switch flavours I could just switch out the tanks. This was maybe the best decision I've ever made for my vaping experience. This encouraged me to try more flavours and eventually find ones I really enjoyed using. This takes me to my final tip and probably my most important! Try out new flavours and devices whenever you can because it's more than likely you haven't even tried your favourite flavour yet!

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