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Vaping – Politics, Science, Reality and Smoking Cessation!

The UK government agreed to review e-cigarette regulations once the country has exited the EU. Despite ongoing scientific studies confirming the reduced risk of vaping vs traditional cigarettes and enhanced backing from Public Health England, the number of people switching from traditional e-cigarettes has dropped dramatically and over a third of smokers have still not tried an electronic cigarette.


Given the current state of our political direction and the risks surrounding Brexit, it may be that in 2019 the UK is still subject to the failure that is the EU wide TPD regulations. All these regulations have done is make it more inconvenient for the vapers to run their e-cig by reducing tank sizes and bottle sizes, reduced awareness for smokers of the benefits & options by restricting advertising and created a huge misunderstanding around the ‘strength of nicotine’ by capping it at 20mg in a 10ml bottle of e-liquid.


Still to this day customers enter our store to buy vape juice and say ‘I thought you couldn’t buy big bottles anymore’. A few months after the TPD came the short fill revolution and ever since we have all been forcing the tops of e-liquid bottles to get nicotine and value. The poor regulation meant this was totally acceptable, so it is safer for customers to force their bottle open with a screwdriver to get nicotine into their e-juice.


Studies have shown since early 2017 that second hand vapor is harmless, yet we still see smokers and non smokers waving their hands and coughing if they accidently walk through a cloud. The latest studies are demonstrating zero lung damage after years of regular vaping, and even heat not burn tobacco products are showing the same 95% reduction in toxins vs traditional e-cigarettes. We all know more studies are needed with much larger subject groups and more of these are now to be carried out by Universities within the UK. The matter of fact is that education is poor around both the scientific understanding of vaping, and the plethora of options available now due to technological advancements in what is now an incredibly fast moving industry. E-juice is not risk free, but every test points towards a 95% reduction is toxins – how is that not a sensible choice for smoking cessation?


The biggest risk in terms of vaping is that of dual users. People who smoke and use e-cigarettes. Lots of people still smoke 5-10 per day, use an e-cig and enjoy e-juice. Many are happy with the savings, happy with the how much they have cut down and still enjoy the morning, after meals and the evening cigarette. Dual users actually show higher levels of toxins in their urine that exclusive smokers but it does correlate with the frequency of cigarette use. There are lots more studies to come in order to determine this data but vaping doesn’t even feel enjoyable at times if you are regularly dual using and it will only become even more difficult to kick the habit mentally.


E-juice, Vape Juice, Nic Salts, Electronic cigarettes are for smoking cessation. If you still smoke traditional cigarettes throughout the day and puff on your vape juice in between then that cannot be the best decision and maybe 2019 is the year for cutting those out completely and sticking to the e-cig completely!


The new breed of ultra compact devices such as the Aspire Nautilus AIO, Zeltu X, Innokin EQ offer a pocket sized power house to support your nicotine fix and tonnes of vapers are now converting, or using these as a second, third or fourth device due to both the convenience and the flavour & satisfaction that the latest nicotine salt e-liquids present. We all love our drippers and high vg e-liquids, but we also love our ultra compact. For many existing vapers it is a choice, but for dual users, smokers or failed e-cig users then they bring a new angle to the table and offer yet another string to the bow of success in terms of smoking cessation. Nicotine Salt e-liquids replicate the Nicotine Salts found naturally in tobacco leaves. They are smoother and deliver a better nicotine fix so with a 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid you can vape a lot less, require a lot less power and get an excellent delivery of nicotine.


As the politicians continue to disagree, one thing for sure is the industry is moving quickly on. Regulation needs to be fit for purpose.

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