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Vape Cloud UK - Maintenance & Refresh

Our regular customers will have noticed a bucket load of changes in the last 12 months. Web based, technical, navigation, security all in the mix of a fast paced industry where we are forever growing our catalog, but maintaining a sensible level of judgement and control. This meant after years of quick deliveries and best in class service standards, there have been too many occasions where we have dropped the ball and it feels right we explain ourselves and apologise.

The last 3 months have seen another blast of operational changes and we are now coming to the end of a long and intermittent period of upset, with our long term values in tact, fit for the future as your online supplier for vaping products. Work like this means at times we may have failed on automated updates such as shipping confirmations or basic responses that may normally be telling you we are in control.

The last 3 months has also been quite pivotal in terms of the industry as a whole with trade shows, political focus, regulatory talking points and technological advancements to name a few, and to be your trusted online store means everybody in our business needs the knowledge so that you can be part of our DNA from start to end.

As these changes come to an end, an enormous refresh and reset of our ridiculous catalog is now in full swing. Alongside the new, reliable, on trend, banging products, we are also paying close attention to our staple brands to make sure our offering to you represents the choice that is available without sacrificing the ethos we have always lived and breathed.

We do apologise for any inconvenience this period has caused and we are aware that a small percentage of parcels are still 24-48 hours behind schedule. This is improving daily and throughout we will continue to communicate at our best, upgrade deliveries if needs be and work with our customers to find solutions wherever we can. If you are unhappy, or feel you have not received a communication, please give us a mail or a call and one of our team will be able to help with the upmost priority.

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