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Vape Cloud UK CBD | Maintenance | Upgrade

Our regular customers will notice lots of inconsistencies & changes within their browsing experience at the moment as we are bringing CBD back to the Vape Cloud UK website, making operational improvements, upgrading our fulfilment system and growing our overall catalog to enhance your experience. Whilst these are happening, there will be times when we fail ship your parcel on the same day, but it will be 1-2 days handling time at worst and we will keep you updated throughout.

The unfortunate events in Cheshire over the last 7 days have also caused some unpredictable challenges in our local area for both our retail store and the warehouse.

Whilst much of this is going to bring a much better shopping experience, quicker dispatching and more choice with deliveries, unfortunately this week we are presented with a 72 hour backlog and a number of technical issues to resolve.

Please accept our apologies and trust we will communicate with your throughout this period.

CBD belongs on a vaping website. Vaping CBD isn't for everyone but it is the fastest and most effective way to take CBD so our scientific understanding of e-liquid means we also know a thing of two about all CBD products.

There have a been lots of changes recently with the regulatory bodies around CBD and at the moment as a CBD supplier or manufacturer it is impossible to be compliant with everyone.

Until we have clear and educated decisions around CBD legislation, there will be challenges with the quality of certain products and their quality will vary. The rule of thumb states - if it looks too good to be true, then it usually is!

We have a good variety of CBD products, all backed up by laboratory reports and all suitable for anyone looking to bring this supplement into their diet.

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