TPD Sale Update

TPD Sale Update :

Our focus until May 19th is to supply the most premium non compliant stock we can at the UK’s lowest price. To do this we are now working to a 24 hour dispatch time. Despite setting this expectation, 70% of our orders processed before 1pm will still be shipped on the same day, but there will be some items that cause orders to fall into a 24 or 48 hour dispatch.

We have notified all of our email subscribers and we do hope you can appreciate even 24 hours is a huge commitment given what we are delivering in terms of value until May 19th. There may also be inventory errors as we are running these products beyond end of line. If there are any issues with your order beyond our blanket dispatch rule then we will communicate with you before it is shipped.

This volatile trading period will end on Thursday May 18th. All orders on non compliant stock processed on or before May 18th will be fulfilled by May 19th at the absolute latest and we anticipate losing availability of more key lines everyday as we approach that date. The final day for non compliant transactions on the website will be 11am on May 19th.

All discount codes are now also disabled until after May 19th as the non compliant stock  cannot be any lower.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we deliver on our logistics in the next few weeks.

Enjoy the Sale!

MAY 04, 2017

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