The Short Fill Revolution


Due to the nature of our historic customer base we have never taken the time to educate about short fills. Due to the volume of queries it seems appropriate we explain.

E-liquids are now supplied in 50ml, 80ml and 100ml short filled bottles at 0mg which allows you to pop the lid, add the nicotine, and bring the liquid up to your required level.

Most short fills are also formulated to take the nicotine, so adding the correct amount will also set the liquid to the correct flavour.

50ml – 1 x 18mg shot = 3mg


80ml – 2 x 15mg shot = 3mg


100ml – 2 x 18mg shot = 3mg

Nicotine varies in quality – Fight Club is our premium brand and recommended now by most premium manufacturers as the brand of choice. Headshots are of a high quality and offer the option of 9mg and 20mg for those who wish to alter the strength without affecting the volume ratio of liquids.

Adding more shots to increase the nicotine content is not uncommon amongst vapers who require more than a 3mg strength, although this will impact the flavour of your liquid. In a TPD compliant, manufactured 6mg liquid there is a decrease in flavour Vs the standard 3mg variant but it is important to note this irregularity may be enhanced when tampering with the volume ratio in a short fill.

Everyone has an opinion so for those who are used to a higher nicotine content – cutting to 4.5 mg and working to 3 shots per 100ml is probably your best bet.

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