The Positive Aspects of Vaping

The Positive Aspects of Vaping

What is vaping?


Vaping is a far healthier alternative to smoking, designed for smokers who want to give up smoking, or for those wanting a healthier option of getting their nicotine. The range of e-cigarettes / vapour mods out there means there is always the perfect device to suit someone’s needs.


A mod is a larger, more powerful version of the regular pen-styled e-cigarettes. They are much more efficient in enhancing the flavours of the e-liquid and creating much denser and larger plumes of vapour.


The vapour is created from the inner coil heating up the e-liquid surrounding it in the tank, vaporising it into a gaseous form. E-liquids can both be nicotine free and can include nicotine, and the amount of nicotine is presented on the side of the bottle. The rest of the e-liquid is made of organic and food-safe Propylene Glycol (PG), and Vegetable Glycerine (VG), which are both mixed together in varying ratios to form the e-liquid. The user would pour the e-liquid into their e-cigarette, heat the liquid and inhale the vapour. It is a very sophisticated design which is incredibly easy to use.


Why is vaping so much better than smoking?


Firstly, vapers don’t have to deal with the same horrible taste or dry scratchy feeling in the back of your throat, and with the wide variety of flavours around, vaping is a much more enjoyable alternative to that of smoking cigarettes.


Secondly, if you wanted to quit smoking, these are absolutely fantastic. You can choose how much nicotine to have in your e-cigarette, which means you can gradually reduce your nicotine level at a pace that you are comfortable with. This also means that you can still smoke something which could be crucial to an individual giving up smoking.


Next on the list: e-cigarettes are refillable! This is great because even though the start-up costs for an e-cig is higher than a pack of cigarettes, it takes very little to maintain and to buy e-liquids. This also reduces its impact on landfills due to the long lifespan of an e-cigarette.


Smoking traditional cigarettes can have a devastating effect on your health. Smoking can cause cancers, strokes, lung diseases, and increase the risk of heart problems. Vaping doesn’t create harmful carcinogen-laced smoke that causes these serious issues. The vapour is made of organic, food-safe ingredients that will have no impact on your health. This means that vaping is a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes. Smokers still get the nicotine, but with a better tasting, cleaner way to smoke.


In conclusion, vaping is a far cleaner, healthier alternative to smoke which reduces your chances of getting health problems. It helps you stay in control of your nicotine and has a minimal impact on the environment. Vaping is becoming more and more popular and has helped many people kick their smoking habits for good.

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