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The EU CBD Market - Will it be knee-capped?

CBD oil is one of the fastest growing supplements/natural remedies used all over the world at present. Despite years of safe use, the increased awareness, availability of CBD oil and the growth in hemp market means the legal battle is brewing between CBD suppliers and the regulatory bodies. CBD oil and other plant based cannabinoids have now been added to the European Foods Standards Agency Novel Foods Register.

The register was originally intended to stop the introduction of foods or ingredients without a pre-May 1997 history of use in the EU. Tough to prove in some cases as records would have to be kept from over 20 years ago, but the law states sufficiently large numbers. You would assume that as hemp seed oil has been consumed for years across the EU as an edible oil - that would suffice. Especially as hemp seed oil contains trace amounts of CBD.

The regulatory bodies argue that the production process used to dramatically change the composition from traditional hemp oil to CBD oil, such as supercritical CO2 extraction, were not used pre May 1997 and these create a result that is significantly different and therefore the food is novel.

The Irish Food Standards Agency are clear that and CBD oil produced by  supercritical CO2 extraction is immediately novel. 

The UK Food Standards Agency however are arguing that it's the composition rather than extraction method. Also  supercritical CO2 extraction has been in use for decades as its is greener, purer, more natural and delivers a better shelf life. There are a long list of vegetable oils extracted super critically and readily available for sale across the EU.

So what is the Issue? We know medical cannabis has already cost Big Pharma nearly $166 million USD. We know Pharma has no interest in selling something that is relatively low cost and naturally sourced. There may be some kind of restriction on the supplement until Big Pharma releases a CBD product of its own, there will also clearly be variations on opinion all over the world. There are millions of people using CBD, benefitting from CBD, but money talks and it may mean disruption to CBD supplies within the next few months. 

CBD oil is natural remedy that feeds the receptors in our endocannabinoid system. We are all very aware of our Central Nervous System, but not as aware about our endocannabinoid system and what a part this plays in the function of our brains, immune and endocrine tissues. As a result they play an integral role in our functioning and correct regulation of sleep, digestion, pain, skin, hair and cell functionality.  CBD Oil mimics the natural processes that take place in our bodies, has very few side effects, does not get you high and is not addictive. It would seem that including cannabinoids on the novel foods register is the first step in restricting availability, creating demand, until the big corporate giants can release a synthetic version and take over the market.

As a retailer of CBD - we are not allowed to say it is good for you. We are not allowed to make medical claims of any kind. We are not allowed promise any specific benefits of CBD. Due to the growth in awareness - we don't have to. The structure of our own bodies and the way millions of people are sharing their experiences, the current state suggests the suits are trying to take the market down before it grows any further.

There is now a petition live for the sale of CBD products in the UK. You can sign it here :


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