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STOPTOBER - Reductions on all e-liquids and pod kits-Vape Cloud UK

STOPTOBER - Reductions on all e-liquids and pod kits

Vaping has such an important role in a successful Stoptober, so to celebrate that we have site wide reductions on all e-liquids and pod kits.

The best way to quit is to get exactly what you want. The flavours you choose, it is always worth considering multiple devices so you are never short of battery power or maybe you prefer a different type of vape at a different time of day. 

Pod Kits have become extremely popular these days. In the last 6 months they have continued to develop dramatically and most now offer a number of coil options to support both Mouth to Lung or Direct to Lung vaping. For those who prefer a tighter draw (MTL) like a cigarette, or a deeper draw (DTL) which produces more vapour and more flavour.

Any coil that is below 1 Ohm - ie a 0.6Ohm Mesh coil will be more of a direct to lung vape, but on these pod kits it will give a bigger and more satisfying hit without filling the room with clouds like a traditional Sub Ohm device.

To complement Pod Kits , Nicotine Salts  have become the most popular type of e-liquid to support both people trying to kick the habit, or people who have migrated to these as a daily companion due to their size and simplistic operation. Salt based e-liquids replicate the salts found in the tobacco plant, they are more satisfying and smoother than traditional e-liquids used in the average vape pen. 

If you vape already, but find yourself dual using, it could be worth trying these liquids in your existing vape pen as it may just give you a new lease of life in terms of giving top for good. Pod Salt are a UK made, award winning salt manufacturer with a great range of flavours to get you started. Dr Frost have a great range of fruity menthol nicotine salts and Dinner Lady are one of the most famous UK manufacturers with a good range of flavours to choose from.

It is worth trying a 10mg salt and a 20mg salt to see which is best for you instead of taking bundle deals on cheap e-liquids. get the best you can and give it a go this Stoptober.

As many of the coils in these devices are below 1 Ohm, for people out there who have been using High VG e-liquids for some time, many are starting to use these liquids in smaller devices as they have managed to drop to 3mg and dont wish to go any higher. Ultimately - a bigger fatter coil will always be better for thicker liquids, but it doesn't mean you can't put them in a smaller device, just don't expect to hammer it, get the same flavour and the same coil lifespan as with a bigger device.

There has been lots of negative press this last few weeks coming from America. It is all coming out in the wash now that the deaths in America ARE NOT related to vaping. They are related to products constructed on the black market which people have been using to vape THC (the cannabinoid from the cannabis plant which gets someone high). In the States, as cannabis is now legalised, Americans can purchase cartridges like these which are safe. Unfortunately there have been a number of cases relating to people purchasing these on the black market which has led to more serious mis-information and poorly presented press articles.

In the UK we are bound to TPD regulations and reputable companies are only selling products which are meticulously tested for emissions, toxicology and compliance in our UK laboratories. 

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