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Sigelei Humvee 80W Kit

Sigelei Humvee 80W Kit

Ahh, the Sigelei lot. Back again with a new release this season giving us yet another excuse to (in their words) ‘Vape It, Love It’. Let’s dive a little deeper into this, their latest Mod offer.

Spotlight on the Sigelei Humvee 80W Kit - Shop Here

So, unlike its predecessor - the 215W model – this one is much lower on wattage. Which means, when left on the standard 80W setting, you’re in for a much smoother vaping experience It’s also a ‘pod’ mod as opposed to a box mod so if you’re into all the benefits of a pod – more than likely, the prefilled cartridges you can swap in and out at top speed – then this one’s for you.

While it’s a lower wattage you do still have a few options, including the Smart setting which rather cleverly sets the power according to whatever coil you have installed. Even more clever, each time you remove the pod, the device remembers what setting you were using prior. Super smart, we’d say!

Just on the coils, your Humvee 80 comes with a choice of three Fog mesh coil options – which are all compatible with other Fog units should you feel the need to switch things up, fyi. A 0.3ohm coil comes preinstalled in the unit and you’ve also an optional 0.2ohm encosed in the pack. Or, for lower resistance again, you can purchase a 0.15ohm coil separately. 

The pod itself attaches to the body by magnet so you’re assured of its staying securely in place when you need it to, and a quick de-attach when you don’t. The tank holds up to 5ml or the standard 2ml in your TPD areas.

A single 18650 battery keeps this mod alive and kicking for a good while at a time -  depending on your wattage setting and coil, of course. When you do run low, a USB Type C charging cable will soon have you re-charged and back in action.

Only 54mm in length, it’s a super compact, lightweight unit. It looks good, too, finished in alloy and leather, with all you need to know in terms of data right there to see on its OLED screen. It comes in five fantastic colours: Space Grey, Camouflage Khaki, Rainbow, Red Rum and Camoflage Blue.

When you pick up the kit as new, you can expect all the usual gubbins asides to the unit itself; that’s your tank, coils, and charger cable.

 Keen to try the Sigelei Humvee 80W Kit?

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