Separating Smoking From Quitting Aids: Government Incentives

Separating Smoking From Quitting Aids: Government Incentives

E-cigarettes and vaping are heavily regulated by governments, banned by public transport, and a number of businesses, dissuading smokers from quitting their highly addictive and dangerous habits.


A step in the right direction


The United Kingdom, followed by Germany and France, has been deemed the worst country for vapers. However, there is increasing recognition that the innovative technologies of vaping contribute to a very minimal risk of harm when compared to smoking, and frankly does not belong in the same category as smoking. MPs are considering whether vaping should be incentivised. They believe that there should be designated areas, such as specific train carriages, for vaping. This could encourage many to take steps in the right direction, rather than continue smoking traditional cigarettes.


A life-saving option


Bypassing the thousands of harmful chemicals contained in tar, vaping is a far better alternative to cigarettes. The major health bodies all agree that vaping is nowhere as harmful as smoking. Health risk of passive vaping, or ‘second-hand vape’, to bystanders is minimal, if at all existent, none have been found to this day. Despite this, due to some confusion and ignorance surrounding this topic, vaping still remains controversial to some. However, some chemicals such as Diacetyl, previously found to be potentially harmful if inhaled in large amounts or for an extended period of time, have been banned from use in the manufacturing of e-liquids, and experts agree that vaping carries a fraction of the risk that smoking does.


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Smoking Rates are plummeting


The popularity of vaping has increased significantly. E-cigarettes are the most effective harm reduction tools to quit smoking and is the reason behind a huge number of people succeeding in quitting. As a vast number of people have already experienced, weaning off a substance is far easier than that of stopping cold turkey. The rate of smoking are rapidly decreasing, as is the risk of cancer. MPs have become aware of the need for effective and safer alternatives to be both made available and encouraged in order to promote overall health and wellbeing.


Additionally, in future the government may also implement the following regulatory overhauls:


Remove the limits on nicotine strength of e-liquid to attract the heavier smokers that could benefit the most from vaping.

Make certain that taxation continues to reflect the relative risks.

Allow the health benefits compared to smoking to be promoted by modifying advertising regulations.

Make it easier to license e-cigarettes as medical products to encourage people to view them as quitting aids.

By incentivising e-cigarettes, the government will be giving each individual the right to make different choices regarding their own health. If people choose to use quitting aids, it is best to have a government and society which supports them in making this potentially life-saving decision.

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