Pressure Mounts on TPD - Sign the European Citizens' Initiative-Vape Cloud UK

Pressure Mounts on TPD - Sign the European Citizens' Initiative

The UK Vaping Industry Association are the leading forum for supporting, developing and promoting the vaping industry, these calls for reform in regulation are growing every month in 2019, the big call now is a change for vaping over TPD.

Currently Vaping is covered by the Tobacco Products Directive which brought in some necessary regulation, but certain measures like advertising rules, bottle sizes and tank sizes do not support the clear message that vaping is a healthier alternative and by far the best form of smoking cessation. 

The 'Vaping is not Tobacco' campaign, driven by the European Vape Alliance, Vapeitaly and representatives from eight EU nations is now turning to the people and calling for bespoke legislation which sets vaping apart from tobacco. The campaign is going across the continent with the European Citizens'Initiative which uses an online petition, requires a million signatures from a quarter of EU member states and calls for vaping products to be taken out of the Tobacco Products Directive.

Click here to sign the petition 


The UKVIA fully supports evidence-based regulation, but the regulation must be proportionate, distinct from tobacco and support the potential towards public health. This is represented in their five point TPD manifesto :

- New legislation specifically for vaping 

- The industry to be consulted and involved 

- Revisions to rules on existing measures such as bottle sizes and nicotine concentrations 

- New regulations on advertising restrictions

- 0mg nicotine e-liquids subject to the same testing and product restrictions as nicotine containing liquids 


UKVIA board member John Dunne calls for change over TPD

“The UKVIA is not against regulation and indeed the TPD has helped set high standards across the industry and reinforce consumer confidence in what is still an emerging sector. However, it’s imperative that any regulation is proportionate, properly sets vaping products apart from tobacco and supports the public health potential of vaping. The TPD fails to do that and is in urgent need of reform.”




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