Latest Products Update - 09/04/19-Vape Cloud UK

Latest Products Update - 09/04/19

It's that time of the week again, dear vapers! Here's our rundown of the best selling products over the past week, to help you find our next all day vape!

Let's dive right in, shall we?

The Bake Sale Is Open For Business

Charlie's Chalk Dust has been a long-standing force in the vaping industry for the past 3 years, and it's not hard to see why from their extensive collection of delicious flavours. Ranging from the simple yet tasty, e.g. Slam Berry from the White Label range (Strawberry Ice Cream), to their more ambitious flavours such as the Pacha Mama and Creator of Flavour ranges, they've been constantly experimenting with different flavours to suit a wide spectrum of tastes.

One of the first lines we carried back in the TPD days was the highly enjoyed Bake Sale range. As much as people enjoyed it, out of the blue it dropped from the face of the Earth for the next 2 years.

Now, however, it has been released as a 50ml shortfill for everyone to enjoy again! Choose from either a moist vanilla cake with fruity raspberry filling or a vanilla sponge filled with juicy pineapple chunks and covered in a sweet vanilla icing

Whether you're a previous fan of these juices, or you're a fan of cakey flavours, we definitely recommend picking up one of these juices for yourself!

Click here to check out the full Charlie's Chalk Dust range

Click here to check out the Pacha Mama range

Drip This!


For all you sour lovers out there, we've got just the thing for you! Drip This Sour's range of 6 fruity flavours are made to hit the spot for your sour cravings. Whether you're dying for a hit of sour watermelon, blue raspberry, or even a sour grape, there'll be something for you!

Click here to explore the full Drip This Sour range


Breakfast just got a facelift

Following the train of re-releases, Vape Breakfast Classics have rebooted two of their most iconic flavours: Pancake Man and French Dude. Enjoy a Pancake Man smothered with cookie butter, or a French Dude laced with a zesty lemon tart.

Trust us when we say these aren't flavours that come around every day, so give it a try while you can!

Click here to explore both the new flavours

Click here to explore the full Vape Breakfast Classics range


In Unity, There Is Strength

After Wotofo's success upon the release of the Profile RDA, the next logical step was to create its successor; the Profile Unity RTA!

The main focus behind this device is to improve on the already amazing profile of the Unity RDA, but with a few extra inclusions to improve your overall vaping experience. Adapting it into an RTA relieves the worry of ever getting dry hits as long as the tank is filled, and the inner chamber increases the flavour intensity to an unbelievable degree. If you're a fan of the Profile RDA, this device is the next step in your journey to ultimate flavour!

Click here to check out the Profile Unity RTA


That's it from us for this week, check back again next for another rundown of our latest products!

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