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Latest Products Update!

Here at VapeCloudUK, we're always searching for the latest and greatest products to offer to our customers. So here's a little rundown of what our team have found for you guys:

Mr. Vapour Range

It's taken us a while to find, but we've updated our Mr. Vapour range to include the full Tasty Fruity range, as well as Tasty Candy and Tasty Coffee.

As well as being reasonably priced, there's a wide selection to suit any taste out there. Why not start your day with a full flavoured Cappuccino? Or relax at the end of a long day with a bottle of zesty and refreshing Mojito?

Check it out, there's something for everyone!


Click here to explore the full Mr Vapour range


Barista Brew's New Additions

We're starting to see some improvement in the weather now, and leave it up to Barista Brew to be prepared for it with their new addition to their already delicious lineup!

Introducing the Cranberry Apple Refresher: A perfected combination of juicy, tart cranberries and subtly sweet green apples. Sounds like a winner for the incoming heat of summer! Or, if you fancy a more chilling experience, check out their frozen variant, guaranteed to cool you off faster than your ex giving you the cold shoulder!


Click here to explore the full Barista Brew range:


The Rise of the Superb Era

After the exploding success of our offering of the Superb x Jaybo lineup, the next logical step is including the full Superb range to our ever-growing list of products.

A delicious collection of juicy fruits, chilling ice, candies and savory flavours to satisfy your taste buds and sate your sweet cravings. Maybe a dizzying concoction of Strawberry, Nectarine and Cream? Or a heady and delicate mix of Lychee Jelly with a blast of icy action? Whatever you're fancying, we have you covered!


Click here to explore the full Superb range  

Click here to explore the full the Superb x Jaybo range


A Russian Powerhouse

With the saturation that the mechanical mod scene, it's hard to weed out the gems among the sea of tubes, boxes and crazy designs.

That being said, the geniuses at Viva La Cloud have done it once more with their latest mech mod: the El Thunder 21700! This triple threat supports 21700, 20700, and 18650 batteries with the included adapter parts.

Sturdy, gorgeous and powerful, it's hard not to argue that it's a beast of a mod. Available in 8 different colours to suit all styles, it's definitely worth the price tag attached.


Check it out here to see if it might be your next purchase!

Or take a look at our complete mechanical mod range here


That's all for this week, but keep an eye on our latest shortfills and hardware for more to come. There's always new things popping up to take your fancy. 


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