How To Choose Your Vapor Products

Choosing your vaping gear

Vaping gear are e-cigarettes, which deliver nicotine to your lungs and bodily systems via vapor, eliminating the pains of smoking. There are different types of vaping products that run the scope of basic starter kits, to high tech devices for the advanced veteran vapers, featuring advanced modes such as temperature control, wattage curve modes, etc.

The question is, with all the different products out there, how do you choose the best product for your needs? There are many factors to consider: 


What features do you need to take into account?

Passthrough capability (using your device while charging)


This feature can be very useful for those with only one device. If your device supports passthrough charging, such as Smok’s Alien Kit, then you will be able to continue using your device while it is charging. The advantage to this feature being you don’t have to put your vaping on hold while you wait for it to charge. One important thing to note here is that if you do continue to vape while it charges, it will take longer to charge completely.


Battery considerations


The battery is one of the most important things in the anatomy of a vaping device. As always there are some things you need to consider when you are searching for your perfect device; the capacity of the battery, the size of the battery, and whether it is inbuilt or removable.


There is a debate over inbuilt and removable battery options, but it all comes down to one thing; your preference. No battery option makes a vape better than the other. Do you prefer convenience over versatility?


An inbuilt battery gives you more convenience due to only being able to charge via USB, which means you don’t need to be carrying around spare batteries with you. Though unless your device supports passthrough charging you’ll have to let it recharge after the battery runs flat before you are able to use it again.


With removable batteries you have the advantage of being able to swap out batteries while on the go so you’re able to vape for longer between charges. The only downside? You’ll need to buy an external battery charge which could can be quite costly depending on the charger you get. Though most mods with removable batteries do also have a USB port to allow for USB charging, though it not recommended due to the USB ports aren’t necessarily designed for long-term cable charging. IF you get a device with removable batteries, always use an external battery charger in order to get the most out of your batteries in terms of lifespan.


Continuing on the removable batteries, the number of batteries that device can use, along with the battery sizes and themselves is something to take into consideration, mainly due to your preference on device size. An 18650 battery device is going to be a little bit more compact and smaller when compared to a 21700 battery device, or even a 26650 battery device. The same goes with the number of batteries, a single 18650 battery device will be smaller then a device utilising 2 or 3 batteries.


Safety features and functionality


We’re all concerned for our children, and concern with them getting their hands on our devices is definitely up near the top of the list. We want them to stay as far from nicotine as possible. Manufacturers have known this for a long time and design their products with safety and protection of our kids in mind. With the addition of multi-click locks, locking mechanisms and even passwords, vaping is much more protected against little ones’ curious hands!


Safety and Protection features to consider


With the range of vaping products out there, many devices are getting bigger and more powerful. However, if it accidentally fires in a bag or a pocket you run the risk of it heating up excessively, catching on fire or even destroying itself. Luckily, a lot of that risk is severely reduced with regulated devices with the introduction of numerous safety features. Features such as short circuit protection, puff time-out, reverse polarity protection, over-temperature protection, low resistance protection…the list goes on and on!


These safety features and precautions that manufacturers build into their devices make the vaping experience much safer and more enjoyable, as you can vape without fear of setting anything on fire or being destroyed.


In conclusion, the above considerations are but only a few things you need to take into account before purchasing your new device. It’s important that you conduct your research in order to find the perfect device that meets your needs.


Happy Vaping!

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