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E-liquid - February

Throughout the month of January, there has been a lot of e-liquid appearing in our latest e-liquid category. We are coming to the end of an overhaul on our website, we have been re-listing existing products. There has also been a lot of new stuff added in the last 6-8 weeks which may be lost in the noise!

The bulk of this is done now, but part of maintaining a massive, yet reserve collection of e-liquids is backing vape juice that we see is of premium quality and here to stay. Brands will always come and go, for a variety of reasons from distribution channels to regulation, but we always try to ensure the bulk our offering is both current and timeless.

The latest release this week is Deep Cuts from one of America's greatest vape advocates - Vinyl and Vapor. Two flavours to taste :

Deep Cuts - Side A - Dragonshake 

A carefully crafted mix of Dragonfruit and rich creams. Walking the line between fruit, dessert candy and thick milkshake.

Deep Cuts - Side B - Psycho Creuller

A decadent dessert of sweet dough dripped in caramel milk, finished in the oven. Ready to be dunked in your coffee.

We have re-listed Mad Hatter e-liquid. Mad Hatter is not new, but they are one of our longest standing, favourite brands. From Cereal Pop to Blue Raspberry Candy - these guys make some serious vape juice and they now manufacture in 80ml. So 80ml = 2 x 15mg nicotine shots for 3mg and 100ml e-juice as opposed to 2 x 18mg for a 120ml short fill.

We have also listed Carnival Berry Lemonade by Juice Roll Upz. This was available on our site 3 years ago in a 60ml, 3mg bottle and what a juice it is. This is new on our site in a 100ml short fill, but an absolute winner for years that has been brought back to the table. Six Licks is another one, re-listed, been out of stock for 60 days but a quality e-liquid and sure to be a long standing brand in our store.

KSTRD, Dr Frost & TYV e-liquids are all new flavours. New flavours from proper vape juice manufacturers, UK manufacturers who only use high quality ingredients, work to disciplined processes and have extremely high standards. 

The Big ML Club is back - some amazing flavours in this e-juice range, but massively over looked by the masses. Burst e-liquid has been added, this is one we had our eyes on a while back but alongside a few of the others was on hold until January.

Join our loyalty scheme and you will claim cash. Cash earned at a market leading rate. Cash earned in seasonal sales periods, cash which you can take in £5 denominations, cash that you spend, on what you want, on our website, when you want.

If you have a query about any of our products - give us a call.

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