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Covid-19 | Latest

We will continue to ship as long as our amazing delivery partners can provide a service. This next few months is really going to show how much we value our delivery drivers like everyone else on the front line. They do not want to come into contact with you, but they want to make sure you have your parcel so whichever company it is, please listen out for them, shout to them, wave to them, whatever it takes to let them drop and go! #respect

We have introduced 24 hours handling time as a rule to prevent any rushing or pressure on a very commited warehouse team. They already have a list of new and extended proceses in terms of hygiene to ensure their own safety, and of course the safety of our customers. 

We support isolation and every single measure our government has recommended to ensure we stay safe and control the spread of Covid-19. This means resources will be tight at times for any company who can trade, and for our delivery partners. Their routes are getting bigger and they all put safety first so we will not chase deliveries that are 1-2 days behind. Please email us if you are concerned about a delivery and cannot get visibility via your tracking number - we will always try our best to help.

Our bot is a tool for checking fulfillment status, it will never advise customers on vape & cbd products and we will not take incoming calls now for some time. Please email regarding any issue to and somebody will come back to you in a matter of days.

We have bulk discount offers on all Short Fills, Salts and 50/50's with no brand restrictions to support slightly larger and less frequent orders whilst trying to be balanced with pricing in these difficult times. Our CBD category is under review - over 500 products have already received a permanent pricing discount.

Stay safe. Think about others as you do yourselves and thank you for your support from everyone here at Vape Cloud UK.

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