Changes to buying your nicotine - Using the 'FREENIC' code

As always at VapeCloudUK, we’re constantly looking for ways to make your shopping experience better (apart from having ridiculously low prices, that is!), and to give you good reasons to keep coming back for more.


Well, here’s another damn good reason; free nicotine for all shortfills!


So how do you get this deal?


Simple, just search for any shortfill you would like to purchase, select from the drop-down menu on the product your nicotine preference, add the same amount of nicotine to your cart (this part is very important!), then just use the code ‘FREENIC’ during checkout and you will have the value of your nicotine deducted from your total!


It’s also important to note that while you will get your nicotine for free with the standard NicNic range of nicotine, the Nicotine Salts will only be reduced in price to 99p.


Here’s a little example to make things crystal clear:


So, let’s say you’d like a bottle of Anarchist Blue in a 3mg strength, so you search for it in the search bar and select it from the list.


On the product page, you would select which nicotine strength you would like it to be from the corresponding drop-down list, in this case it would be 2 x 18mg/70vg nicotine shots.


After that, you would need to go to the nicotine section and add the same amount of nicotine to mirror your order, which again would be 2 x 18mg/70vg nicotine shots.


When you are finished pairing your nicotine to your liquids, head to the checkout and type in the FREENIC code in the coupon section. This should discount your regular nicotine down to zero (0.99 for nicotine salts).



There are however a couple of exceptions to using this code:


When using the FREENIC code, you cannot use any other discount code in conjunction, loyalty coupons, discount codes or otherwise.

And when using a discount code/loyalty voucher, you will not be able to use the FREENIC coupon to discount your nicotine. However, if you select the nicotine strength you require from the drop-down menu of the products you would like, this lets us know what nicotine you need to help tailor your experience.


And that’s it, hopefully this will help you when purchasing liquids and make your experience that little bit easier and more satisfying!


Until next time, Vape On!

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