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CBD - What is the dosage?

CDB – Dosage

The biggest question surrounding CBD has to be – how much do I take?

Already there are products in 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, 100mg-3000mg, drops, gummies, vapes, creams – endless options that you need to make sense of. CBD is essential to feed your endocannabinoid system so every human should have CBD in their diet. As this is only just becoming common knowledge and the marijuana plant has been subject to decades of bad press, chances are if you are considering CBD right now, there is something you need help with. Something that synthetic, pharmaceutical products don’t quite relieve or a mental issue, stress, anxiety that you cope with everyday but feel there should be something you can do to help.

The most common advice seems to be – start low and move up. This represents a complete lack of knowledge and can mean a lot of money wasted with a poor experience. Lets hope we can clear this up and make sure the money you spend delivers on what you need.

The recommended daily amount of CBD is 20-40mg so if you are looking to put the health benefits of CBD to a true test then you need to make sure this is the minimum. It is also important to remember all of our metabolisms are different so 10mg for one person might be totally different for someone else. The quality and concentration of CBD also varies in all products, even to the point that the product may not be exactly what it says on the label. If a product contains 200mg of CBD, that is spread across the whole product, be it 10ml, 15ml or 30ml. You must understand per ml or per capsule, what you are taking. A quality CBD product has a cost attached, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

For example if you have anxiety or are looking for pain relief, go in higher at 40-80mg per day for a week or so and see if it improves, you can always drop to 40mg per day. Starting at 20mg per day with the wrong product may not give the condition chance to improve and you will feel that money is wasted. If you have a skin condition, it’s a little easier because the balms and creams are at the recommended dose, but lots of people will vape CBD or take it orally so getting this right is important.

Vaping and orally are highly effective in absorption of cannabinoids, oral drops are required in order to get a full spectrum product but vaping is the quickest way to absorb CBD and most reputable companies use a broad spectrum isolate, therefore a popular choice amongst the population.

Lots of people have also used CBD to knock addiction on the head, but if someone who smokes cannabis everyday expects to replace that with CBD then it’s going to take a lot of CBD to fill that void in your brain so make sure you are stocked up, be ready to commit, and cut right down

So… To get to your required dosage – look at the detail and work out how much CBD is in 1ml of your desired product.


Vape Additive Example - 10ml, 500mg so 1 ml = 50mg

However this will be added to your liquid so if you chose to add the whole bottle to a 50ml short fill, there will no longer be 50mg in 1 ml :

1 x 50ml

1x 500mg shot

500/60 = 8mg per ml

5ml per day = 40mg

10ml per day = 80mg


Or – 1 x 1200mg shot :

1 x 50ml Short Fill

1x 1200mg shot

1200/60 = 20mg per ml

2ml per day = 40mg

4ml per day = 80mg


Pre-mixed example 100ml, 1000mg CBD :

1 x 100ml, 1000mg

1000/100 = 10mg per ml

4ml per day = 40mg

8ml per day = 80mg


Tincture (Oral Drops) example 30ml, 2400mg

1 x 30ml – 2400mg

2400/30= 80mg per ml

0.5 ml per day = 40mg

1 ml per day = 80mg

Although this 2400mg product may seem expensive upfront, you only need 0.5ml per day, for a full spectrum product and this is only a small amount under your tongue and it will cost the same per 40mg as a 100mg bottle of pre-mixed e-liquid.

You can also see that using a 500mg vape additive means you will have to vape quite a lot in a day to deliver the recommended dose of CBD, that may be inconvenient and in the long run work out more expensive if you require 20-80mg of CBD.

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