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Back To Basics On CBD

Whether you’re a vaper or otherwise, you’ve likely heard of CBD. It’s been growing in popularity for several years now, thanks to the many health benefits its advocates from across the world like to boast. But, as with many products whose fame gathers quickly, so too does the plethora of options available to the likes of us, Mr and Mrs consumer. And with a crowded marketplace comes confusion!

So, today, we’re going back to basics on CBD – what it is and a reminder of its benefits – before taking a look at some of the main players when it comes to buying CBD products, helping to ensure your next purchase is an informed one.

Just before we do, it’s worth noting the market as it stands today, here in ‘Old Blighty’. Currently, Europe accounts for around a third of the world’s sales of CBD, after North America (itself, responsible for a whopping 40% market share), with the UK and Germany leading the charge. Locally, sales are due in part to its ‘unrestricted’ classification which allows UK residents to purchase CBD isolate (pure CBD) or mixed with less than 2% THC – which we’ll come onto shortly – as they choose.

So, what exactly is this wonder stuff that’s proving popular among a large part of our population?

CBD is the shortened term for Cannabidiol, one of a multitude of chemicals – or cannabinoids – all deriving from the cannabis plant. It is non-psychoactive, meaning that when consumed, it does not generate a ‘high’ in the same way as THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive chemical present in cannabis which is removed from CBD products.

When consumed, CBD latches onto one of two receptors, CB1 found in the human brain and central nervous system, and CB2 in our immune system, providing support to the body and mind managing sleep, digestion, pain and cell reproduction.

CBD is extracted as an oil and then combined with a carrier such as hemp seed oil, or added to edibles, and taken as a natural remedy to ailments in place of mass-produced, pharmaceutical medicines.

Benefits of CBD

Now, while we’re no medical experts and unable to substantiate any claims to its health benefits, once you enter the online ‘rabbit hole’ that is CBD you’ll soon see why people in the UK and indeed, the world over, are in favour. Here are a few ways CBD is said to help the human body and mind:

Inflammation – is said to be reduced through CBD consumption, with studies into cells, rodents and humans all showing it acts positively as an anti-inflammatory.

Anxiety – and minor depression can be reduced, according to the many CBD advocates from across the globe, with a number of organisations now probing further into this field for more supporting evidence.

Sleep support – in its helping to prevent insomnia, with studies showing CBD having a positive impact on sufferers of REM sleep behavioural disorder (RBD).

Offers pain-relief – and has done for centuries according to the history books, with the CBD component of marijuana noted as treating patient’s aches and pain as early as 2900BC!

Helps cancer patients – by alleviating the pain, nausea, and vomiting caused by cancer treatments such as chemo and radiotherapy.

Lowers frequency of seizures – according to studies in North America concerned with the rare neurodevelopmental condition, Angelman syndrome.

If you’re keen to find out more, do some Googling for yourself and you’ll likely find many more health benefits asides the ones listed here.

How to take CBD?

So, CBD is currently on the market in a number of forms – notably, as an e-juice, oil, a capsule or a jelly sweet. If you’re considering trying CBD, understanding each of its forms – and more so, the amount of CBD you can expect from each one - can help to pinpoint which might be the best fit for your circumstance.

First, there’s sweets – or Gummies, as they’re more widely known – which come in varying levels of CBD, typically ranging from 5mg, to 10mg or 20mg. If you’re trying gummies for the first time, it’s a good idea to start on small dose – say, 5mg – and, if you feel the need, increase the level as required. It’s always written clearly on the pack how many mgs your gummies contain.

Capsules are similar to gummies in that they come in packs with different levels of CBD, and are also taken orally. Again, it’s best to start with a low dose initially, before increasing according to your needs.

Topical creams containing CBD are used by those suffering with skin conditions or pain from arthritis. This is applied directly to the area where irritation or discomfort is felt.

Oral drops are simple to administer in being dropped directly below the tongue, although they rely on a little maths beforehand to calculate the required CBD intake. For example, a 10ml bottle with 500mgs of CBD (or, 5%) contains 250 drops of oil. If you’re wanting a 10mg dose, then you would take 4 drops. For 20mg, try 4 drops but twice a day.

To Vape CBD, it’s much the same as your regular e-juice: that’s into the tank and away you go! Always go for a pre-made e-liquid from a reputable outlet and manufacturer, too, like the ones we sell at Vape Cloud UK!  


How does CBD work?

This all depends on how it’s taken. Vaping absorbs CBD into the blood steam through the lungs, which means it takes effect quickly – usually within just ten minutes. The spray version of CBD oil is also a fast worker since it moves at speed from the tongue to the circulatory system. Topical creams, which latch onto cell raptors, are next in terms of speed to take effect, before gummies or capsules which take longer since they must navigate the digestive system before hitting the blood stream.  

Time to take effect at a glance:

Edibles – 2 hours

Topicals – 45 to 60 minutes

Sprays – 15 to 45 minutes

Vape products – 15 to 30 minutes


How long will the effects of CBD last?

There are many variants at play here, making it impossible to say for sure how long the effects of CBD will last from one person to another. Body weight, composition and metabolic rate all play a part – that’s before we even consider the amount consumed. It’s safe to say, the higher the dose taken, the longer it will take to absorb into the bloodstream and once there, will remain in place for a longer period. That’s why if you’re trying CBD for the first time, it’s much better to start with a low dose and see how you get on.

Got any questions on CBD? Get in touch!

Note that the recommended maximum daily dose for CBD consumption is 200mg.

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