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Aspire Paradox

Aah… The Aspire Paradox mod kit. One look and you’ll likely fall for this one, all sleek and sophisticated as it is. No wonder, once you appreciate the manufacturer’s having teamed up with Italian designer, NoName, on this one – tipped as the ‘masters in minimalism’, according to the Aspire website. 


So, what’s there to appreciate asides the flashy attire?


Actually, let’s stick with the exterior to begin with and marvel at its looks just a little longer. The metallic zinc allow frame which oozes class. The (quote) ‘double-injection molding’ for a comfy hold. Those Italians have certainly focused on the ergonomics and the eye candy with this one.


Sure, it looks good – but how does it go in terms of operative prowess? So, you’ve a single 18650 battery powering up the Aspire Paradox, with up to 75W available on demand, at the touch of a sleek, minimalist button. Well, it wouldn’t be a chunky, over-obvious one, right?


Hang on, though – where are the buttons again? They’re certainly anything but obvious, in fact on first glance, you might think the Paradox is a bypass mod with no variable options included. Aah… Here’s the control panel, neatly tucked away behind a detachable front cover for protection. Or to preserve the minimalism. Whichever way round, you’ll find the OLED screen, fire up button, controls and Type C charging port by pulling away the cover just beneath the Paradox logo. Neat!


As with many mods nowadays, the Aspire Paradox offers variable voltage and variable wattage, so you can control the power until you find the right flavor and hit. Resistance ranges between 0.1 and 3.5ohms so there’s scope for all levels of vape, here. 


In terms of size, we are talking super compact at only 78x42x27mm. It does weigh in a little heavier than some mod kits at 167g – and that’s minus the battery – although the beautiful zinc alloy casing was always going to have an impact somewhere. 


The Aspire Paradox boasts multiple safety features, including protection from overcharging, overheating, over-discharging, short circuiting, vaping overtime, and low voltage.  Sounds impressively safe – as do the model names available: Dark Knight, Quicksilver and Orion Silver. Like we’re heading into battle with our Paradox by our side. Or is that just us…?


Out of the box, expect your mod kit to come with a Type C charger cable and user manual. No battery included.

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