Wismec - New for 2017

Wismec - New for 2017

Wismec have released a few new products recently and we felt some of these are due a mention as they are doing a sterling job. The Reux Mini, RX Mini Kit and the new Predator 

Reux Mini 

If you are looking for a new tank, we highly recommend the new Wismec Reux Mini. 

After test driving this tank for the last fortnight I can honestly say it is one of my favourites. Easy to fill, easy to take apart, great flavour, unrivalled performance at 40w and the coil life span at this level is fantastic. I had a full two weeks usage out of one coil until any burnt taste so when I use a tank now, this will be the one. Wismec have done a great job with these coils, the same coils are also used in the Amor Mini Tank which is supplied with the RX75 kit, anyone who has one of these will speak very highly of the coils.

The Reux is a 2ml compliant tank so if it is your full time vape then be prepared to fill it up a few times each day. Considering we are close to receiving our liquids in 10ml plastic bottles though we don't see this as a negative. 

Personally if I use a tank it will either be on a pocket kit for convenience or an oversized tank running at 100w. For most tank users, 30-60w is a comfortable level of vaping and I think the balance of flavour and coil lifespan has always been owned by the Crown. We have always been a fan of the Cleito and I still have both the Cleito and the Cleito 120. We are agreed that Wismec have nailed 40w vaping here, a great performance without putting too much strain on your batteries.

This tank is priced well at £17.99.

RX Mini Kit 

The RX Mini Kit is on the money at £59.99 and has fast become our new favourite from the handy pocket devices. This compact 80w device is extremely well made, 2100mAh battery, upgradeable firmware and complemented with the Reux Mini. This is a winner.

Predator 228

Need a new MOD, then take a look at the new Wismec Predator 228. This is a compact, powerful and ergonomic dual 18650 MOD with all the bells and whistles you would expect. Upgradeable firmware, quick charge system, hidden fire button, extremely  well constructed, an aggressively priced MOD at £54.99. The size and shape of the Alien meant it was established quickly in 2016. Build quality on the other hand has left a real mixed bag of opinion on this device and it is about time somebody stepped in and delivered a quality 200w device with a very similar size. 

Dual 18650's will mean ample battery life for an early start and a late finish running at 40w-50w. The power, technology, capability and no expense spared on design mean there are also loads of great options to choose from in terms of RDA's. The Predator is a pocket friendly, versatile powerhouse and we are backing this with confidence for 2017.


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